List of World’s Largest Cave Rooms
Rank Name Country Size (Sq M) Volume (Sq M) Source of Map, Survey, and Information
1 Sarawak Chamber (Lubang Nasib Bagus) Malaysia 163,000 (LiDAR) 9.6 Million (LiDAR) Descent v.226, p.29. 2012, Surveying Sarawak Chamber, Kevin Dixon. (LiDAR Survey)
Mulu Caves Project.
Meredith, M., Wooldridge, J. and Lyon, B., 1992. Giant Caves of Borneo. Tropical Press, 142 pp.
2 Miaos Room  China 118,000 7.1 Million (est) Barbary, Jean-Pierre, et al, 1991, Le System de la Riviere Gebihe (Ziyun, Guizhou), in:Karstologia Nº. 4. pp42-55.
Gebihe 89, Karsts de Chine, Grottes et karsts tropicaux de Chine Méridionale, Fédération Française de Spéléologie et Association Française de Karstologie
3 Torca del Carlista Spain 87,000   Abismo, G.E. (Editor), Torca del Carlista (Cantabria-Vizcaya).
4 Ghar -e- Dosar Iran 81,500
5 Majlis al Jinn Oman 58,000   ATM-3D (Editor), 2011. Majlis al Jinn Cave 3D laser scanning, 2011.
Davison, D.W., Jr., 1985. Majlis Al Jinn Cave, Sultonate of Oman.  Public Authority for Water Resources, October 1985(PAWR 85-20): 1-16.
6 Titan Chamber China 54,000   Martin Laverty and Ian Houghton, personal correspondence.
Smart, C. 1988. Caves and Caving, 42, 5-9.
Dunton, Bruce; Laverty, Martin. 1993. Cave Science Vol.20, No.2, 65-71.
7 Cloud Ladder Hall China 51,000 5.8 Million (est) Hong Meigui Cave Exploration Society. 2010. Map 2011.
8 Belize Chamber Belize 49,000   Chiquibul Expedition 1984, Tom Miller
Canadian Caver, v.16, no.2, Fall 1984, p.43
9 Hong Meigui Chamber China 48,000   Hong Meigui Cave Exploration Society.
 Map: Dacao Tiankeng, 2001
9 Tlamanictli Mexico 46,000   G.S.A.B. (Editor), 1999a. Tlamanictli - TZ1. Groupe Spéléo Alpin Belge.
G.S.A.B., 1999b. Tlamanictli - TZ1. In: G.S.A. Belge (Editor). Groupe Spéléo Alpin Belge, pp. Plan view map of Tlamanictli - TZ1.
Grebeude, Richard. Personal Communication.
  Other Large Rooms        
x Salle de la Verna France 43,000 (LiDAR) 3.6 Million (LiDAR) ATM-3D (Editor), 2004. Le scannage de la Salle de la Verna, 
   Réseau de la Pierre St Martin, 2010.
ATM-3D (Editor), 2006. Le levé lasergrammétrique modélisation 
   3D - implantation de projet, 2010.
x Api Malaysia 39,000   Map of Whiterock Cave, Api, Mulu.  Mulu Caves Project,
Compilation by Mike Futrell and Ben Schwartz